Become a Food Partner

The FrescoFrigo food partner needs to be able to produce, deliver and supply FrescoFrigo’s fridges daily through its food offer,functional to the needs of the location’s target.

We rent the entire fridge to a single partner (5 shelves with a capacity between 120 and 200 products), enhancing the aesthetics of the fridge, by inserting your Brand.

Our typical partner must have sufficient production capacity to manage at least ten FrescoFrigo. It needs to offer a good, fresh, healthy and quality food, through the production of ready meals and desserts as well as snacks, juices and much more...


Are both the customer acquisition online and logistics costs too expensive?  Furthermore, are the delivery locations different places and orders always arrive at the same time?

Prepare your food offer in a more organized way and replenish your FrescoFrigo every day! #SamePlaceSameTime


Is the food value too low compared to the actual cost of logistic? Do you want to optimize your riders?

Supply FrescoFrigo by using your network. #SamePlaceSameTime


 Would you like to offer your products a stone's throw from the needs of your customers?

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Our Food Partners

Would you like to become our food partner?